Installing Matryoshka

Pre-installation Security Checks

These checks are optional, but if you want to be completely sure that the Matryoshka download is safe to install, watch this video, or read the edited transcript below, with hyperlinks added.

Watch the tutorial video (8 mins)

The Installation

Right click on the package file named something like Matryoshka‑en‑win64‑1.1.3.exe. From the context menu select the option:

Run as Administrator

Microsoft Defender will usually bring up a warning message that looks like this:

Defender Warning

Clicking on the More Info link you will see something like:

Publisher's Name

This verifies that the software has been digitally signed by Hex 11 Software, the publisher of Matryoshka, and is safe to install. Matryoshka is guaranteed to be free of any malware or spyware. Click on the Run anyway button to continue installation, and follow the instructions on-screen.

Windows App Store

Microsoft is trying to discourage Independent software developers from distributing their software in this way. But if you publish on their app store, they want their cut, which can vary between 5% and 15%. They also make the developer jump through all kinds of bureaucratic hoops. Similarly on the Steam app store.

Security Checks Transcript

In the Pre-installation Security Checks video, I was ad-libing a bit, so this edited version is more precise.

Hello, I am Finnian Reilly, designer and developer of the Matryoshka software.

In this video I am going to demonstrate how to do a full pre-installation security check on the Matryoshka software download.

  1. Before downloading, verify the authenticity of the website by clicking on the SSL logo. You should see listed here. The company name should be Hex 11 Software.
  2. Now download the installer program. If you are using Chrome you might see a suspicious download warning. This is because Chrome regards software packaged as a WinZip archive as suspicious.WinZip is a popular software for bundling many files into one package. Now the installer program is downloading.
  3. Open the downloads folder in file explorer and check that the download has been digitally signed by the publisher. Right click and go to Digital signature tab. You should see Hex 11 Software as the publisher.
  4. To check the contents of the software package, rename  the file extension from .exe to .zip.  If you don't see the name ending with .exe then click on View menu and uncheck the box that says: hide extension.By default the icon changes to a folder with a zip going down the center, but if you have WinZip installed it will change to an icon that looks like this.
  5. Now navigate into the package folder there are a number of folders with various image files in them. In the bin folder, look for the main program matryoshka_fractals.exe. To carry out a comprehensive anti-virus check first extract a copy of this file to your desktop by dragging and dropping the file.
  6. Now go to the Virustotal website. This is a handy way to analyze any executable file using over 70 different anti-virus products. Drag and drop the matryoshka_fractals.exe on to the choose file area. Virustotal is able to recognize the file by it's unique digital fingerprint and presents a threat report. As you can see no product issued any alert. It's 100% clean. You can also check the digital signature in the details tab. Scroll down and you will see Hex 11 Software. mentioned as the signer.
  7. Now go back to file explorer and rename the installer package back to .exe so that it is installable.
  8. An optional last step is to do a random check on some of the DLL files in the bin folder. These are all part of the open source Cairo graphics library. Again make a copy on your desktop and then drag and drop on toVirustotal upload area. In the details you should see the publisher Red Hat Software which is a large corporation.

This concludes the security checks and you can now safely install Matryoshka. Do this by right clicking on the installer program and selecting Run as Administrator.

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